How does Audience Perception play a key role in your public speaking presentation?

Often times when we look at an audience perception of a speaker as discussed in our chapter lecture, we see how the audience playes a pivtol role in the speaker’s presentation. What role does the speaker play in perception toward the audience. How can the speaker and the audience find common ground when it comes to public speaking?


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11 Responses to How does Audience Perception play a key role in your public speaking presentation?

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  2. Marie Louis says:

    Audience perception plays a key role in public speaking presentations because thinking that the audience is judging one a type of way may cause the speaker to loose their train of thought or get off topic.

  3. wideline says:

    The audience and the speaker can find common grounds if the speaker relates to the best interests of their audience. The speaker must keep the audience interested or they will loose interest in the topic therefore making it easier for the audience to be distracted rather than pay attention to your topic.

  4. beautiilove says:

    I agree with Wideline. The speakers presentation has to keep the audience interested and willing to understand what the speaker has to say and also the speaker must be knowledgeable and factual in order for the audience to have a positive influence on the speaker.

  5. debro27 says:

    Audience Perception plays a key role in my public speaking presentation because if audience members look uninterested or distractracted while I am speaking, I may become nervous and not do my best on my speech. Or if I finish my speech and the audience has a negative reaction to what I spoke about, the next time I have to speak in front of an audience I may over think my approach and my speech may be too much.

  6. tiarastewart says:

    The speaker has to keep the audiences attention and also need to have the audience comprehend what the speaker is talking about. They can’t lose the audience’s attention, an the speaker must have some type of knowledge of what they are speaking about. The speaker can find common ground with the audience by having interesting facts that they know would catch the attention and interest of the audience.

  7. foreverjoele says:

    Audience perception plays a key role in public speaking because the reaction of the audience can negatively or positively affect your speech. The speaker and audience can find common ground by the speaker relating to the audience and making the speech interesting because a bored audience can be a distraction to the speaker.

  8. briwill08 says:

    Audience Perception plays a major role in public speaking presentations because the same way the speaker has a perception of the audience, the audience shares a perception of the person speaking before them. If you come off to your audience as a bitter person who down-minds them, your audience will see you as that. They will think of you in a low place and nothing better than that. In order for your audience to percieve you the way in which you would like to be percieved you must first be what you want them to see you as. If they see you negatively you will lose their interest when you speak.

  9. emiliaorelu says:

    Audience Perception is a key role to delivering a great speech because, when a speaker is knowledgeable of the audience, he is able to connect and deliver a speech in a way the audience can accept and relate to the topic that is discussed.

  10. msclare says:

    For the audience to understand and listen, with interest, to one’s speech, a speaker has to be comported all round and have good ethics of speaking. By doing and having these, the speaker and and the audience have a common ground in the public speaking. If the audience things good or excellent of your public speaking, it simply means you are a good public speaker.

  11. vigri1 says:

    Audience perception plays a key role in public speaking because the purpose of your speech is to either inform, persuade, or entertain your audience. The needs and desires of the audience should be taken into consideration when giving a speech. Otherwise, the audience will not reicieve your message.

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